Why Use Automation Software

Most intelligent marketers use automation software to
speed up the process other than manually doing tasks.

For instance, I have a piece of software that scrapes
email addresses of MLM reps from various social media
networks in different companies.

Let’s say you are promoting a health and wellness
program and are eager to find new distributors to add
to your team or possibly new customers.

Instead of buying marketing lists that have been sold
a hundred times over, let the software do the work.
In less than ten minutes, you could have hundreds of
network marketing MLM leads in your arsenal.

Here is another example, we will use the same industry
mentioned above. We will use the top search engine,
and the top social media website to find people who are
in or have been in Monavie.

Check out the video here!

I also use the software as a recruiting tool instead of
bothering someone on the phone (this is called robocalling)
Your idiot upline probably taught you this at some point
in your marketing career!

After accumulating hundreds of email addresses, I contact
these MLM’ers to see if they might be interested in some
extra income or an easy way to recruit more reps in their

You can buy the software here!
or get it at no cost when you become an active member of
my team. So what would be the better solution?

Give the software away in order to build your list and
possibly make some sales or bother someone on the phone
and be reported for robocalling?

~ Rob Burns