Traffic Resources

I have listed my traffic and marketing tools that I
use on a daily basis to build teams in my programs.
Some listed below, I personally own and the others
I earn a monthly residual from.

Eagle Response – Awesome auto-responder that comes
with all the marketing tools to build a business.
Unlimited list, campaigns, rotator, tracking software,
url shortener, 30% commissions and only $5.00 a month.

Desk Top Hosting – I built this website with the marketer
in mind. affordable web hosting plans and domains. Host
1 website with unlimited sub domains for $3/mo.! Start
your own web hosting business at no cost here.

Lazer Software – Automation software warehouse. Earn 50%
commissions on every product paid weekly. If you are a
team member of mine in any program, yours free!

Graphic Design – A good friend of mine does all of my
graphic designs and he is very affordable. Things he
has created social media headers, banners for affiliate
programs, logo designs, post card marketing or direct
mail designs.

Network Marketing Leads – I use a tool that provides
network marketing leads of people already in a MLM.
You get name, email address, and phone number.

Lazer List Extractor – My social media email scraper
tool that scrapes email addresses of other network
marketers in other companies. Target their email,
company and scrape. If you are not in any of my
programs, you can get it at lazer software.

As for traffic. I use targeted organic traffic from
a traffic co-op and all of my software. How would
you like to connect with every one who uses Facebook
for business? How about adding 5,000 friends to
market too? How about messaging all of your friends
in a matter of seconds? I have software that will
do that too. Happy $$ making!

~ Rob Burns