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Why Use Automation Software

Most intelligent marketers use automation software to speed up the process other than manually doing tasks. For instance, I have a piece of software that scrapes email addresses of MLM reps from various social media networks in different companies. Let’s say you are promoting a health and wellness program and are eager to find new distributors to add to your team or possibly new customers. Instead of buying marketing lists that have been sold a hundred times […]

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Life Force International Review

We all know that there are 100’s of MLM companies out there but which one has a better reputation? One that has been around for decades instead of the fly by night MLM’s that disappear within a couple of years. I’m referring to Life Force International. They’ve been around since 1984, they cater to the worldwide arena. They have no membership to join like their competitors in the health and wellness niche. My reason for joining? The […]

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