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Why Use Automation Software

Most intelligent marketers use automation software to speed up the process other than manually doing tasks. For instance, I have a piece of software that scrapes email addresses of MLM reps from various social media networks in different companies. Let’s say you are promoting a health and wellness program and are eager to find new distributors to add to your team or possibly new customers. Instead of buying marketing lists that have been sold a hundred times […]

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What if you Just Want a Paycheck Online?

What if you decide that affiliate marketing looks like too much work and you just want to get a paycheck? Are there any ways to do a set amount of work and get a paycheck much like you are going to an ordinary job? One of the easiest ways is ┬áto perform work in exchange for money online is to offer your services at Fiverr. You would create a profile for yourself that tells what you do […]

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