Life Force International Review

We all know that there are 100’s of MLM companies out there
but which one has a better reputation? One that has been
around for decades instead of the fly by night MLM’s that
disappear within a couple of years.

I’m referring to Life Force International. They’ve been
around since 1984, they cater to the worldwide arena. They
have no membership to join like their competitors in the
health and wellness niche.

My reason for joining? The products! As a Type 2 diabetic
on insulin ( skinny diabetic ) I am always searching for
diabetic safe products to better my health. The products
are great tasting and do not make my glucose go up.

As a full time marketer, I joined Life Force International
as a Independent Rep to earn residual income as I do with
other legitimate companies. No startup cost, no inventory
free website, free weekly training and only a minimum of
25 business volume to earn commissions.

Each business volume of product comes with a percentage of
earning. Example, if someone joined and purchased 25 bv
of product, you would get paid on one level. 50 bv on 2
levels, 100 bv on 3 levels. The percentage is 55% on first
order purchases. Unheard of in most MLM’s.

As for marketing tools, we all need qualified targeted leads
and I provide the software that finds the qualified targeted
lead on social media. My software can find any information
about the prospect and mail them information about our products,
earning you commissions. Use the software as a recruiting
magnet and give it to your new distributor so they can
duplicate resulting in big team builds. Bigger your team,
the more you will earn in the long run.

Once you become a Independent Distributor on my team, I share
my lead source details. For instance, keywords that I use
to generate 10 leads a day. Which include main keyword,
location, and income status just to name a few. How to contact
the lead. The software that I use in my MLM business, is
the same that I use for my Digital Marketing Agency that I
sell leads to local companies and make six figures a year.
I teach you how to start your own local lead gen at no cost.

If interested in learning more about how to get started,
watch the video below, or call 1-800-531-4877 and tell
the rep that you want to become a member under
30024969. There is an auto-ship to earn commissions.

~ Rob Burns