Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of the most important part of running
any home business. Without a constant flow of leads to our
products, no one would see what we have to offer. Always
be building your list.

The best way is to provide a solution to struggling marketers
by giving away something for free. Build a capture page and
add a opt-in form on your website to capture lead information.

I provide all of these tools on my software store at below cost,
meaning you can be all setup for around twenty dollars. Now for
traffic! It is best to target huge masses of other marketers.
You can find them on Linkedin, Traffic Exchanges, Solo Ad Vendors,
Social Media Groups, Forums, and places like Udimi.

Since there are tons of email marketing providers charging huge
monthly fees for a service anyone can do, I recommend on starting
your own email marketing service. This way you will never lose
your list and have your account closed, which they are known for.

~ Rob Burns