How To Get Youtube Views Cheap

Have you ever tried using gig services such as
Fiverr, Seo Clerks, or Freelancer to find
people who do video promotion? I’m sure you
have at some point. Did you know, you can earn
an income by providing a service to your local
business owners?

Like I wrote in previous blogs, I love automation
and I use it in all of my businesses. My recent
project consists of video promotion for my local
customers. I charge them a monthly fee to rank
their videos every month.

My total client count as of this blog is 12. I
charge them $1,000 a month in exchange for
100,000 views and video backlinks to get their
videos ranked in search engines. Business
owners do not have the time to get there videos
out to the masses and this is the best way to
six figures a year.

How do you find them? Several ways. I also use
automation software that allows me to scrape
certain data to find these potential prospects.
Here is an example…

I will target a certain niche, then find someone
who have very little views on their video.
Watch the video, then scrape the keywords they
are using. My software will then will build
targeted backlinks based on their keywords,
ranking them higher in search results. Getting
them more targeted views on the video.

Peak an interest? You can purchase the software
at Lazer Software for a mere $30!

To Your Online Success,
Rob Burns