How To Get More Free Traffic?

Getting website traffic to your blogs is not as hard as
it seems. There are a ton of ways to drive real website
visitors to your content. I have listed my resources
below to give you a general idea.

When you are starting out as an affiliate marketer, you
might want to use a free traffic source like traffic
exchanges. Why? Free to join and free to use. Some have
upgrades, but you need to track the traffic first before
upgrading so you know if the traffic will convert into

1) Click Voyager – 6 second surf, free surf upgrades
2) iTraffic Exchange
3) FastnFurious Traffic
4) Traffic Splash – list of 12 traffic resources

These are just a few that I use. Other sources, are paid
services through free-lance websites like

Throughout my blog I write about my experiences and what
I believe works for me that I’ve used in my marketing
career since 2005. If you would like to earn a p/t or
f/t income from home, follow me on social media.

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~ Rob Burns