How To Get MLM Leads

If you are involved with Network Marketing or
Multi Level Marketing, you are probably always
searching for targeted leads of new sales reps.

Some marketers use paid ads and free ads to get
leads to their program. Personally, I use auto-
mation software! I use my personal social media
email scraper, to scrape email addresses of MLM
reps in other companies. It does not matter what
company, my software will find the sales rep.

I then contact the rep to see if they need more
leads for their program or even looking for extra
income. Usually and truthfully, the marketer
will end up joining the program because of lack
of funds and they get the software at no cost.

I also use the software as a lead magnet to draw
interested prospects to me by giving them the
software, then have them duplicate. Earning them
commissions checks and build their list.
It’s a win win!

If you are a struggling marketer and tired of not
getting any help from your current upline or would
like to receive unlimited targeted MLM leads,
read my Why Life Force blog.

~ Rob Burns