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Why Use a Url Rotator

Do you use a url rotator when marketing online? Do you promote more than one affiliate link, website link to attract more customers or selling products? Why not buy a url rotator and promote one link instead? I created a rotator that you can add as many links possible and can be set up on a sub domain for less than $3! These are great if you are trying to build a huge team, sell a lot […]

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What if you Just Want a Paycheck Online?

What if you decide that affiliate marketing looks like too much work and you just want to get a paycheck? Are there any ways to do a set amount of work and get a paycheck much like you are going to an ordinary job? One of the easiest ways is  to perform work in exchange for money online is to offer your services at Fiverr. You would create a profile for yourself that tells what you do […]

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Affiliate Marketing: Exactly What it is and How it Works

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful business relationship where an individual or company, large or small, agrees to pay you money based on a certain action that people you send to him take. Let me give some examples: has one of the biggest and longest-running affiliate programs.  They will pay you a commission based on what people buy when they come in through your links.  So, let’s say you make a website to promote a product.  You […]

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