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Why should you consider being an Independent AMSOIL Dealer?
Several reasons. One being an Independent business owner
with no inventory to start off. Financial freedom of being
your own boss. Low start up cost as an Independent Dealer
with an 49 year company that has a proven relationship
building business in the USA.

The ability to purchase synthetic oil products at wholesale
cost. Earn income by building a dealer team. (4) Bonus
programs for dealers. Earn six different ways through your
marketing efforts including, Online / Catalog Sales, Preferred
Customers, Personal Retail Sales, Dealers, Retail and
Commercial Accounts.

Complete training provided to all dealers. Meet new people
and build strong relationships with them. Become Co-op
Certifed that will help financially with product assitance,
Vehicle Graphics program, trade show events.Locator Certified,
local customers have the ability to find local dealers to
purchase products from.

There are a ton of reasons for becoming a Independent AMSOIL
Dealer but it is up to the potential business owner to take
serious action if he/she wants to build a stable home based
business. To learn more, feel free to reach out to me here
on LinkedIn and I will answer any questions that you have.

Keep in mind, the business opportunity is only for interested
prospects in the USA or Canada residents due to company

~ Rob Burns