Fulltime Network Marketer involved with multiple
streams of income for profit. Since the start of affiliate
marketing in 2005, I’ve learned several strategies for each level
of marketing techniques for advancement.

Before 2005, I was a construction foreman for my father from 1985
to 2005. After his death, I owned my own construction company for
12 years. Diagnose with Type 2 Diabetes in 2009, lead me to early
retirement at the age of 43.

I’m always searching for additional income to add to my portfolio
that will benefit my health. I’ve been a beef jerky distributor,
coffee entrepreneur, CBD rep, and a juice associate. My true passion
was always in lead generation. Developed my own software and own
a local lead gen company with 10 clients.

I own several websites online that I believe are tools that we need
as marketers, such as web hosting, automation software and lead
generation. Please visit my resource page on tools that I currently
use. Thanks for your visit.